Advantages of Vaping Weed

weed vape

Vaping weed has become more popular in recent years as many people realize its benefits. Vaping is said to save a lot of money more than other weed products. Some portable vapes don’t emit noticeable vapor making them discreet to use in public. The following are some of the advantages of vaping weed.

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

The reason why many users are vaping is that it has proven to be safer than smoking. Most of the harmful substances from smoking are produced through the combustion process. Vaping doesn’t burn weed and no smoke is produced and the fire produces fewer radicals and fixes as compared to smoking.

Smoking weed may contain carcinogens that are cancer-causing substances. Smoke is known to produce tar which causes lung issues and becomes more dangerous to people with conditions related to the lungs. Experts say that smoking weed releases more tar into the body far more than smoking tobacco. This is because weed smokers inhale deeper than cigarette smokers.

weed vaping

Enjoy More Flavors

Weed contains terpenes compounds that give flavor. Terpenes have different boiling points and they release vapor at lower temperatures. Exceeding temperature can destroy terpenes since they are sensitive to heat. The terpene that is spicy with a peppery aroma is called beta-caryophyllene and it’s released at a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius.

Other flavors include; fruity, lavender, mint, cheese, tabasco, coffee, jasmine, pistachio, etc. The fragrances have many antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. Different flavors have different benefits in the body. For example, the sweet and spicy flavor can reduce toothaches.

Customize Your High

It is possible to adjust the intensity of your high with different temperature settings. When the vape is at a high temperature, more cannabinoids are released creating a more potent and faster effect. For a mellow-high effect, the vaporizer should be set to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. A temperature of 160-187 degrees should give a somewhat high effect.

Set your vaporizer to the highest temperature if you want maximum potency. It is not advisable to set the temperature above 229 degrees Celsius as this will diminish the potency and flavor of your weed. Make sure you find a vaporizer that allows you to make temperature adjustments. Vaping at different temperatures will enable you to take advantage of the benefits of vaporizing.


More Potency

With smoking weed, you may lose 15-20% of the active compounds in your bud, since cannabis compounds are very sensitive. The temperatures involved in vaporizing can be adjusted to make sure that the compounds are fully preserved and utilized. The expected result will be pure vapor and which is more potent. 46% of THC is converted into vapor, this is a good amount of THC preserved for you to enjoy.